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Welcome to the Learner Driving Centre (LDC) nationwide network of driving schools. LDC driving schools specialise in providing intensive driving courses and driving lessons. LDC driving instructors use the revolutionary LD System with its unique student centred learning methods. Discover the difference – pass quicker, save money and give yourself the best possible start to a life time of safe driving.

Only those instructors who truly care for their customers and are passionate about providing excellence of service can operate an LDC driving school franchise. Whether you are choosing driving lessons or an intensive driving course for yourself or for a family member, it’s vital that you make the right choice. The safe drivers of tomorrow are the well taught learners of today.

Driving courses and pay-as-you-go driving lessons

Book a course with one of our friendly, caring student-centred LDC driving school instructors today and make your first test your last. Whether you want to learn in a week or over several weeks you are unlikely to find a faster, more enjoyable or indeed less expensive way to pass your driving test.

Driving courses and lessons offered

Make you first test your last, take up to 40% fewer lessons and save up to £600 with you local LDC driving school.

Say goodbye to never ending weekly lessons and say hello to an LDC intensive driving course with test – the FASTER, SMARTER way to learn to drive…

According to the last major survey conducted by the DVSA (the Government body who conduct the driving test) people learning to drive purchase on average 52 hours of professional driving tuition each plus take on average a further 12 hours of practise with mum or dad. With an LDC driving course or driving lessons using the LD System this figure is more likely to be closer to 30 hours of tuition – thus potentially saving you up to 22 hours of tuition (or about £600).

Remember 50 cheap lessons and a few test failures will always cost you more than 30 reasonably priced lessons and a first time pass with your local LDC driving school.

Select one of the buttons below to find out more about an LDC intensive driving course or our pay-as-you-go driving lessons.

One Week Pass Intensive driving course

1-2 Week Course package with Driving Test

3-10 Week Course package with Driving Test
SAVE £60

20 Hour Course package with Driving Test
SAVE £40

15 Hour Course package with Driving Test
SAVE £30

10 hour lesson block
SAVE £10

PAYG 1-2 hour lessons
SAVE £££s

The amazing LD System and online learning hub

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Pass quicker for less with the incredible LD System.

  • Watch the video and check your workbook at home to see what you will be doing on your next lesson.

  • Save time on unnecessary explanations by your instructor at the side of the road.

  • Learn faster and make more rapid progress.

  • Boost your confidence as you mark off each target.

Know exactly where you are in the programme at anytime. You can see for yourself when you will be ready to pass the driving test.

The LDC students learning online hub and App is also the perfect place to study and prepare for your Theory and Hazard Perception Test.

Over 10,000 5-Star reviews

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Average 5 star reviews per LDC instructor

Daryl Ainsworth

The combination of the DVD and workbook is pure genius

The LD system worked wonders for me. The combination of the DVD and workbook is pure genius. Iain my LDC driving school instructor helped a lot, his patience and personality were amazing.

I would recommend him to like … everyone.

Iain Stephens
LDC driving school

Nathan McLean

Passed  first time on a One Week Pass course

Before we even began, Suzanne outlined the pros and cons of the LDC One Week Pass Course compared to the other courses available. Due to my own circumstances, I really had no choice but to select this course.

LDC driving schools have a really good learning programme focused on module-based learning rather than a checklist of driving elements. In my case, due to my endless questioning of my abilities, it was reassuring that Suzanne allowed me the freedom to revisit and refine areas I felt I was lacking in, although she did help to push me on when I was ready for the next steps.

Personally, I was a nervous wreck and if it wasn’t for Suzanne’s calming and positive nature I don’t think I would have passed.

Suzanne was an absolute pleasure to learn from. Her qualities as a teacher allowed me to enhance my understanding of the information outlined in the LDC driving skills workbook/DVD and her unwavering ability to stop me from underestimating myself establishes that she cares for the learner foremost. All the plaudits go to this great instructor and I have no qualms regarding recommending her to other learners.

Thank you, Suzanne, for all your hard work. Best wishes for the future.

Suzanne Simkin
LDC driving school


The LD System was such a breath of fresh air

My LDC driving school instructor Steve has been a very patient and calm instructor. I have had around 25 hours with a previous instructor, and in just over 20 hours with Steve I learned more than I could of imagined and passed first time. I am over the moon with the help and support that Steve provided and my only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner.

The LD System was such a breath of fresh air for me and it was so nice to know Steve always had these learning materials in the car for us to take a moment, stop and review ready for the next step.

Steve Drury
LDC driving school


Passed my test with zero minors – on a Semi-intensive

I took an LDC semi-intensive driving course with Garry. I’d had driving lessons several years ago but after a series of fails it completely destroyed my confidence and I packed it in for 5 years. After my course with Garry, I passed my test with zero minors! This is a testament to Garry’s skills as an instructor.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable few weeks learning – Garry was always punctual, very good at explaining concepts and rules, an excellent, gentle and kind teacher and, most of all, patient.

I especially like the LDC approach of using the driving skills workbook to self-reflect and identify my own areas of strength and weakness. It really made me question why I did certain things and helped me become a confident and safe driver. It can be difficult to self-evaluate, but this approach really lets the information and skills gained stick with you. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else looking to learn to drive.

Thank you again.

Garry Wallace
LDC driving school

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