Driving courses and lessons

Book a course with one of our friendly, caring student-centred LDC driving school instructors today and make your first test your last. Whether you want to learn in a week or over several weeks you are unlikely to find a faster, more enjoyable or indeed less expensive way to pass your driving test.

Taking just one driving lesson per week will help to spread out the training cost but you will end up paying more in the long run and take several months to pass your test. This is why intensive and particulary semi-intensive driving courses are now proving far more popular. However, to do such courses successfully the training needs to be carefully structured and expertly delivered so that no time in the car is wasted – hence the development of the revolutionary LD System of driving tuition and our student-centred learning methods.

The LD System isn’t only useful for intensive driving courses it also enables weekly driving lessons to be conducted in a far more effective manner by helping you to better retain from one lesson to the next what you have learnt.

Take up to 40% fewer lessons

Say goodbye to never ending weekly lessons and say hello to an LDC course with test – the faster, smarter way to learn to drive

According to the DVSA (the Government body who conduct the driving tests) people learning to drive purchase on average 52 hours of professional driving tuition each plus take on average a further 12 hours of practise with mum or dad. With an LDC driving course or driving lessons using the LD System this figure is more likely to be closer to 30 hours of tuition – thus potentially saving you up to 22 hours of tuition (or about £600).

Remember 50 cheap lessons and a few test failures will always cost you more than 30 reasonably priced lessons and a first time pass with your local LDC driving school.

Even if you prefer to take just one lesson a week we would encourage you to treat it as a course and book the driving test as soon as possible and plan the lessons accordingly. Having a test date to work towards gives direction to the learning and helps with motivation. Without it learning can wander and end up dragging out far longer than it needs to be.

This is why it is also important to make progress on your Theory Test training and why LDC driving school instructors have Theory Test tools online for you to use so that they can monitor your progress in this regard and help support you in this vital task. Remember you can not book a driving test until you have passed the Theory Test.