The LDC driving school franchise is the least expensive nationally based driving instructor franchise in the UK at only £50 per week. Over 550 driving instructors already successfully operate an LDC driving school franchise. So if you are genuinely interested in providing a quality service, operating at the top end of the market, this could be the right franchise for you. Our goal is not to be the biggest franchise network but rather the best. The best for you as the driving instructor and the best for your customers learning to drive.

What is a driving school franchise?

We provide you with the means to earn money directly from your pupils and you in turn pay us. This method of operating is often referred to as a job franchise. 

Virtually all driving instructors are self-employed either working totally on their own or operating a franchise with a larger driving school such as LDC. Less than 1% of driving instructors are actually employed in the traditional sense. When you are franchised the driving school will help you to run your business, generate customers and potentially provide a suitable dual controlled car.

Driving school franchise comparison table

As a qualified driving instructor here is a list of the key differences between LDC and other national driving school franchises.


How much you actually earn depends to a large extent on how much you have to pay for the franchise. We believe nobody can offer you better value for money, earnings potential or job satisfaction. We probably offer the best value for money franchise in the marketplace at only £50 per week (including VAT). This is without taking into account the ‘feel good’ factor of being part of a highly successful team on the cutting edge of driver training innovation charging some of the highest rates in the business.

Potential earnings example at a lesson rate of £30 per hour


  • 35 hourly lessons at £30 each equals: £1,050

Total Income £1,050


  • Car Rental with Insurance: £90
  • Fuel: £70
  • Franchise Fee: £50

Total Expenditure £210

PRE TAX EARNINGS £840 per week

Assuming you delivered 35 hourly lessons on average per week with 4 weeks holiday per year the above would be equivalent to £39,768 per annum with a company car ( 5 door Corsa Design 1.4 90ps and assuming a typical driving instructor insurance cost of £520 per year – around £10 per week).

Naturally, the above earnings potential will be proportionally lower or higher depending on the lesson rate you decide to charge or are able to command in practice. It would probably be unrealistic to expect this earnings potential in the first year. However, it does serve to illustrate how to calculate your potential earnings as an LDC driving school instructor.

Compare earnings to other driving schools

Below is a table illustrating what you might earn based on the same example above but with differing lesson rates compared with other higher priced driving schools charging up to £255 per week:

The reason earnings are so much lower with other national driving schools is due to the much higher franchise fees and/or pupil generation fees they charge, which is only made worse if their lesson rates are also lower than you could earn as an LDC driving school owner or if work is in short supply. Naturally if you were to use your own car with LDC this difference would be even greater in your favour and you could expect to increase your earning by a further £1,000 per year to those shown above – just like Lucy below.

Proven pupil demand

In the last few years we have experienced a dramatic increase in enquiries from people wanting to learn to drive with one of our specially trained expert driving instructors using LDC‘s revolutionary LD System. As a result we are looking to recruit and train more driving instructors to satisfy the increasing demand for LDC driving courses and lessons. In a recent poll 95% of LDC driving schools reported they are currently operating a long waiting list (in some areas as long as 3 months).

Due to these long waiting times we are currently turning away pupil sales worth tens of thousands of pounds each month. Work that could be going to you if you were a qualified driving instructor working with LDC.

More modern approach to generating new pupils for you

Most other driving schools still heavily rely upon a conventional call centre and central website operation to deal with enquiries from new pupils. We use more technology and social media.

For example our YouTube channel alone has over 129,000 signed up subscribers (i.e. fans/followers) and our videos receive in total over half a million viewings a month (over 30 million so far) – each with links back to our LDC driving schools – visit our YouTube channel and see for yourself by clicking on image or The Learner Driving Centre.

Similarly our Theory Test Apps, online products and PC software all have links back to our LDC driving schools as do the multitude of free resources we provide and all the other social media platforms we utilise. Therefore, with LDC the vast majority of your work will come straight to you without even going through LDC first.

LDC still provides a highly effective central sales and marketing team for pupils who like to enquire and buy this way.

LDC instructors are BUSY and you could be one of them without having to spend years paying excessively high franchise fees and pupil generation charges. Most driving instructors in other franchises feel trapped and vulnerable – totally dependent upon the school to give them work – tied into long term expensive contracts which could potentially see them penniless.

Initial set up fee

Upon joining the LDC franchise there is an initial set up fee of £200. This fee covers supply of a magnetic roof sign, personalisation of your car livery (with your name, telephone number and website) and administration costs for activating your online marketing, website and diary etc. In addition if you do not train with LDC you will have to pay for a 5 day training course in the use of the LD System and operating the franchise at a cost of £490. You can now clearly see if you are interested in joining our team either on a trainee licence or qualified it is best to train with us. One of the most important aspects of starting a new business is to keep your costs low. Not only will you be saving over 50% when comparing us with other ‘Brand’ franchises per week but also on set up and joining fees.

Already qualified?

If you are already a qualified driving instructor working with another driving school or indeed on your own then we have a special website dedicated to recruiting experienced driving instructors. Please visit the following link to get even more information about our franchise:

If you are not qualified please read on.

We work for you – you don’t work for us

Unlike the other big driving schools we don’t try to control you by channelling all the work and pupil payments through a central call centre or website, we operate a decentralised approach where you benefit from your own success. The other driving schools ensure virtually all sales enquiries and payments go through their central office so they can control the supply of work and money to you. In this way they can always be sure of obtaining their franchise fees (no matter how high their fees are or how low the level of work they provide) before passing on any pupil payments to you. They keep tight control of your diary and your pupils so that if you should try to leave, the office staff can easily transfer your pupils to other instructors. All contained in the contracts they get you to sign. Each LDC franchise operates their own driving school and diary with the vast majority of the payments going directly to them. In other words irrespective of how the pupil was obtained with an LDC franchise they belong to you, not to us.

At the other end of the spectrum you have schools who are little more than glorified car rental firms passing Free driving lesson leads to you and expecting you to do the rest!! It is easy to sell a free lesson and give you plenty of time wasters. They make their money by charging high car rental fees for 6 months and then selling the car on at a profit. Whether you pass the Part 3 or make any money doesn’t really matter as they have a queue of people waiting to take your place. They use flash cars to get you to buy into the franchise but the income potential they offer is very poor in comparison.

Contact LDC

If you would like a Free information pack on becoming a driving instructor with LDC call our head office on free phone 0800 197 0010 or 01977 691800 or click on request a free information pack.  Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 8am – 6pm, Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 12pm.