The amazing LD System

The LD System is based on over 30 years of perfecting the process of learning to drive. It is designed to empower you the student and put you firmly at the centre of the learning process. The system enables you to decide what, where, when and how you might go about the process of learning to drive under the expert guidance of your local LDC driving school instructor.

The programme is made up of 23 lesson topics arranged in the order you would most likely undertake them based on the level of difficulty (1 to 12) they present as shown on the course diagram below. Each lesson topic has a set of practical targets to achieve and a series of development exercises or learning steps you might choose to undertake as part of your actual driving lesson.

The programme is split into 3 parts namely development of car control skills, road system skills and higher volume/speed traffic skills. The development of these skills over time is illustrated on the chart below assuming the lessons were conducted in a linear sequence. Next to it is a diagram to show how the system develops your skills rapidly in small easy (but challenging) steps. Managing this process effectively creates something called optimum learning flow where your current ability/confidence is ideally matched to the learning challenge set resulting in continual success and rapid progress.

How does it work?

You start by picking a lesson topic or topics from the course diagram in the workbook (see course diagram above) that you would like to cover on your next practical driving lesson. For each lesson topic chosen you would then;

  • watch the appropriate video lesson,

  • read the appropriate lesson notes and,

  • undertake the appropriate lesson quiz.

This covers everything you need to know and understand ready for putting what you have learnt into practice on your next driving lesson. The workbook also contains;

  • a set of bite-sized logical learning steps to follow (i.e. suitable practical driving routes and exercises) for each lesson topic

  • a set of associated targets for each lesson topic to help you measure your progress towards driving test success and,

  • a set of forms to plan, review and reflect on each lesson you undertake with your LDC driving school instructor.

At the start of the driving lesson your LDC driving school instructor would briefly look at the previous end of lesson review, your reflection of the last lesson and any planned topics, goals and/or outcomes you hoped to achieve in this lesson. From this you would collectively agree a course of suitable action to take, routes to drive and exercises to complete. An example of this process can be seen on the first video where Bob and Claire decide what todays driving lesson should be about. You can also watch the second video to see how it all worked out after the lesson was completed.

The more actively involved in the learning process you are the faster your progress will be and the closer you will be to learning to drive in 30 hours rather than the national average of 52 hours.

Student-centred learning

Unlike traditional driving instruction LDC driving school instructors heavily utilise student centred learning methods. The student is encouraged to take more responsibility for their own development by using the LD System materials (before and after each lesson). In the lesson the main learning method employed is discovery learning with self determination and reflection as opposed to being continually criticized and told what to do by the instructor.

Too many driving instructors focus too much attention on telling their students what to do, what to think and criticizing ever little fault they make! It is ‘instructor-centred’ and led. This approach only fosters dependency, doubt and blind obedience as the student passively waits for instructions to follow and the inevitable list of faults to correct. Every lesson is focussed on what is wrong with the students performance filling them with apprehension and dread. No wonder people learning to drive in the UK take on average 14 months to pass the driving test and purchase on average a total of 52 hours at a cost of around £1,300. Learning by rote in this way does work but it is painfully slow and often disheartening.

On the other hand the LDC ‘student-centred’ approach inspires the student to set challengers and achieve goals filling them with anticipation and excitment. This is why learning to drive with an LDC driving school instructor utilising the LD System effectively is likely to result in you purchasing far fewer hours of tuition than would be the norm. You could potentially save up to 22 hours or more (i.e. £600 plus)!!

The traditional method of instruction is not only potentially more expensive it may partly explain why so many young people end up having a serious motoring incident within the first year of driving. Under sufference learners do as they are told to pass the driving test but then quickly forget what they had memorised or were ordered to do. Student-centred learning is all about encouraging them to make decisions for themselves at every step of the way to decide what’s important and what is not – to develop safe driving beliefs and attitudes for life.

The LDC ‘student centred’ approach actively encourages self-reliance, confidence and responsibility resulting in drivers who are far more likely to be safer.

So if you are serious about wanting to pass first time, quickly and for the least amount of money then take ownership of the process with LDC’s unique student centred learning approach and resources. Put your self in the driving seat in more ways than one. Take control of your own learning and ensure success happens by design not luck. But most importantly of all give yourself the best possible chance of equipping yourself for a lifetime of safe driving.